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In “Don’t You Care That We Are Drowning?” Brian Spahr shares the real-life stories and prayers of people crying out in the way Jesus describes. His authenticity helps usher the broken-hearted into the presence of Jesus. This book connects with the deepest part of our hearts. It is a must-read! 

Bob Lenz
President and Founder of Life Promotions
Appleton, WI

Throughout the journey that Brian takes us on in Don't You Care That We are Drowning, I couldn't help but care - in a more profound way than I ever knew was possible. As he points out, grief is unavoidable; yet, there is an unexpected way through. Prayers we weren't taught in church, or even, were told "don't count," oftentimes matter more than memorized words can convey. Brian shares powerful stories of people in grief, and the comfort that comes from knowing there is permission to breathe fresh air and speak fresh words. This book has never been more needed. 

Beth Fisher
Speaker and Author of Remorseless

Brian Spahr is the pastor we all need right now and Don’t You Care that we are Drowning? is the prayerbook we all need right now. With the heart of a chaplain, the soul of a mystic, and the words of a songwriter Brian crafts stories that invite us to notice how our hearts are already praying to God in our lament, our anger, our disappointment, our heartache, and in our drowning. These prayers drip with reality, brokenness, hope, and healing. 

Jeremy Myers
Associate Professor of Theology and Public Leadership
Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN